Affiliate Info:


This screen allows you to view station information such as addresses and phone numbers. This screen reflects the current information we have in our system regarding your station.  If changes need to be made please send an email to affidavits@premierenetworks.com.  The only change that you can make on this screen is to switch from the default mp3 to mp2 versions of commercial spots.


Contracted Shows:

This screen will list all shows you are currently contracted for  through Premiere Radio Networks along with their appropriate daypart(s).


Broadcast Schedules and Commercial Audio:


To view your broadcast schedule, select the spot detail number of the week you wish to see.  This schedule can be easily printed by hitting your print key.  You can either print the entire week or choose to print day by day.  

Instructions for using the xml file provided in the broadcast schedule section:

a)        Make a folder on your desktop for the files generated by the xml button (designated folder)

b)       Load up web page with traffic instructions and click ‘generate xml’

c)        Save it to the designated folder and be sure to name it something recognizable.

d)       At this point you would transfer the information from the folder directly into your traffic system.


There are 2 audio options for you to choose from.  The system will default to mp3, however, mp2 files are also available.  To choose your audio preference – go to “Affiliate Info” on the main page.  On the bottom righthand side you will see ‘audio format’ – using the drop-down menu, make your choice. Spots can be either be downloaded individually by clicking on the ISCI code or by clicking on the ‘Download Audio’* link. At that point, you can either ‘open’ or ‘save’ the zip file.  The ‘download all’ function will disappear after a broadcast week has ended.  If you need spots after the broadcast week has ended, you will have to download them individually.  Please make sure to check flight end dates prior to airing any makegoods.

Special note for Show affiliates (i.e. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck) – Very often talent-voiced spots will not be on the web. In those cases, if you must preempt, we ask that you air another Premiere advertiser from the current week in its place and be sure to reflect this accurately on your affidavit.






Important Note – After completing an affidavit, please refrain from hitting “submit” repeatedly if you experience a delay in submission.  Hitting the “submit” button more than once could lead to errors in the submission process. We really appreciate your patience!


To complete your affidavit, select the affidavit number which corresponds to the week you wish to complete.  Please remember that these will not be available until after the broadcast week has ended.  We urge you to Save often during the completion of your affidavit to insure no loss of data for any reason. Save button is at the bottom of the screen.  Utilizing the save button will allow you to complete part of the affidavit and go back a later time to finish and submit. 


Airtype:                 D = Delayed – time must be entered

N = Not Aired – reason must be given

P = Aired at Pledged time – no further action is necessary

L = Aired Live – Fox News affiliates can use this when spots are aired during broadcast

This screen will automatically default to “D” or  “L” (news affiliates) unless you have provided us with Pledge times. 


Hour/Minute:           Each of these fields must be 2 characters (no military time.)


AM/PM:                  Choose “a” or “p” – no other characters will be accepted

Airdate:                   There are 2 instances where you must enter a date. The first is if the spot aired on a date other than scheduled.  The other is for those affiliates whose affidavit shows a Monday-Sunday daypart in the “Day” column – in those instances you must put the date aired or it will transfer the information into our system incorrectly – listing everything as having aired on Monday.


Reason:                 “R”eason must be completed for every missed or replaced spot.  Click on the “R” to get to this screen.                       


1.        Choose one of the available “reason codes”

2.        Choose “replacement spot” when applicable – the drop-down box lists all current copy for the week

3.        Put in hour/minutes/am-pm

4.        A date must be entered when listing a replacement spot

5.        Description – let us know why the spot was replaced or missed. Examples:  Reason code – product unacceptable

                                         Description    - no alcohol products

                                         Reason code – Other

                                         Description    -  Lightening strike

6.        Hit “save” when finished – you can now continue with the affidavit



Airtimes:                  This can be used to list any additional commercial airings for a week.


Save:                      As stated above, save periodically during the completion of your affidavit


Print:                        A PDF file will automatically come up after you submit an affidavit.  You may print at that time but it is not necessary – you can close the window without printing.  Should you have trouble printing – make sure that you do not have a pop-up blocker installed on your computer as this will interfere with the printing process. 


Submit:                   The affidavit will only submit when all fields have been entered correctly and it has been printed.  Once submitted you will no longer have access to the information.



Affidavit information specifically for Premiere Talk/Music Programs:


The initial screen should reflect the proper times that you air the show.  For instance, if you air the show from 9a through 12p – it should read “Hour 1 9a-10a, Hour 2 10a-11a, Hour 3 11a-12p”.  If for some reason the screen does not reflect the proper hours you air the show, please notify us immediately by sending an email to affidavits@premierenetworks.com.  Please do not submit any affidavits until we have corrected the daypart.

Show Aired Live:  The screen will default to “L”s in the ‘clear’ column; this indicates that the show ran “live” as scheduled with commercials intact.  If there were no pre-emptions for the week, you can simply click on the “submit” button.

Delayed Programming:  Example – you air hours 1 & 2 live at 9a & 10a then move the 3rd hour to 11a-12p.  If your station does this on a regular basis we can set it up to default this way so please let us know. If this is not a regular occurrence you must fill out the affidavit to reflect this. Put a “D” (delayed) in the ‘clear’ column and hit ‘edit’.  This will bring up a screen which allows you to enter the time you actually aired the show.  You must enter tines for these.  Assuming the spots ran within the hour you would look at the ‘minute’ column to determine what times to use.  For instance, the first delayed time for your 11a-12p hour could be ”11:16am” etc. until all spot times have been entered.

Show Preempted:  If for some reason you needed to preempt a portion of your show (which must be Approved by Premiere) you must put “N” (Not aired) in the ‘clear’ column for whichever hours were missed. Then hit the ‘edit’ button – this will bring up another screen which will show the hour missed – hit ‘continue’ And the commercials that were missed in that hour will be listed so that makegood times can be entered.

Login Info:


This program allows you to maintain your own user and password database. One person should be designated as the “administrator” and would have access to all users and passwords – with the ability to add, delete and make changes as necessary.  Each individual user will then only have access to their own user ID and password – only able to make changes to their own.  Please be sure to use both letters & numbers for the user id and passwords when creating new user profiles.

You must complete the User ID, Password and User Name fields.  We would prefer that you list an email address but this field is not mandatory. The system will not allow you to list the same User ID more than once.



Instructions for Simulcast Stations:

Each group of simulcasting stations will be set up with a “mother” station and corresponding “sister” station(s).

1.       Complete and submit an affidavit on the “mother” station.

2.       After submitting an affidavit on the “mother” station, go back to the main menu and click on the “simulcast” tab.

3.       At this point, pick the corresponding affidavit for the sister station and click “submit.” This will submit the corresponding affidavit for the sister station.
       Additionally, if you’ve submitted multiple affidavits, you can simply click “Submit ALL” on this page to instantly submit all affidavits listed.